C.R.I.T Early Literacy Program

Our Early Literacy Program

Reading is vital to a child’s ability to learn and be successful in school. And the early literacy skills needed to be a good reader – like language and vocabulary – start developing from birth. But it doesn’t happen automatically. A child’s brain is not pre-wired for reading.

The Colorado River Indian Tribes Early Literacy program, funded by First Things First, helps families understand the importance of early literacy and teaches how to implement it in their homes. The program encourages and facilitates adult/child interaction and developmentally-appropriate play. The program distributes books and hosts events for parents/caregivers and children birth through age 5, including story times at least two times a week.

The Early Literacy Program is offered at The Colorado River Indian Tribes Library/Archives and gives you free access to Participate in family-friendly workshops, classes, story times and other events to have fun with your child, learn more about child development, positive parenting, health and literacy, and meet other parents.

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Laura Puentes

Laura Puentes-Lopez is the First Things First coordinator at the C.R.I.T Library & Archives. She focuses on reading literacy of children aged birth to 5 years old. 


Let's Make A Change in Our Children's Lives

Here are some ways we can help:

Story Time

Inviting you and your children to be engaged in reading a story. Spanish stories available. 


Arts & Crafts for children whether it be finger painting or making a hand turkey!

Sponsoring Library Events

First Thing's First lends a helping hand in events throughout C.R.I.T by funding and sponsoring them.