Flag Day Recap


Our flag was designed by Marjorie McCabe in 1979, a woman of tribal blood born in Parker, Arizona. She carefully designed the flag to be both simple and meaningful. The orange rays that stretch into the sky represent the eternal rising and setting of the sun upon the earth and the water, the four feathers portray the four tribes, the brown represents the Earth we live on, and the blue water represents our Colorado River, which gives life to the Earth.

On Monday, January 6th we celebrate our tribe's flag and everything it stands for, unity, pride, and progress. The annual event was hosted by CRIT Library & Archives. Admin leave was provided for the CRIT offices in order for them to attend this program. The event included food, raffle, and guest speakers from Tribal Council and CRIT Royalty. It was a collective effort to bring our community together over the bonding of our sacred flag.

This event was weeks in planning from the library's staff and staff all worked very hard to bring this together. Halfway through the ceremony the Library's rush order of CRIT flags came through, just barely almost missing the deadline!

Congratulations to all the winner from the raffle! Prizes included tribal seal clocks, pendent items, beaded jewelry, and of course, CRIT Flags!

Special thanks to:

Audriana Mitchell Miss Indian Arizona 2019-2020

Nokomis Stone Miss CRIT 2019-2020

Yasmine Robledo Miss CRIT 1st Attendant 2019-2020

Maryam Lomayesva Jr. Miss CRIT 2019-2020

Harmony Howard Miss CRIT 1st Attendant 2019-2020

Kylana Howard Little Miss CRIT 1st Attendant 2019-2020

Amelia Flores - Tribal Council Secretary

Anisa Patch - Tribal Councilwoman

Tommy Drennan - Tribal Councilman

Mary Claw - Cake Decorator & Baker

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