2020 Halloween Contest Winners

Thank you to everyone who entered into our contests, this was our first time trying out online contests and it was a huge success!

Coloring Contests: 

2 - 5: Raelynn Page 

6 - 8: Mia Reyes

9 - 12: Kylana Howard

13+: Tiffany-Ann Moses

Baking Contest:

Autumn Yava

Candy Guessing Contest (499):

Alyana Amador 

Gourd Contests: 

2 - 5: Feliz Chavez

6 - 8: Mariah Charles

9 - 12: Sadey Sharp 

13+: Rochelle Flood  Prizes provided by Colorado River Indian Tribes Library & Archives and C.R.I.T Early Literacy First Thing's First


Pumpkin Gourd Decorating Contest


Baking Contest Submissions


Candy Guessing Contest - 499 Candies!


Coloring Contest

If you are a winner please come pick up your prizes at the library by 5:00 PM today, October 30th.